• Dr. Scott Frank is a highly trained dental health care professional with almost 30 years of experience. He takes pride in training dentists to becoming proficient in the steps and techniques that lead to a life-changing and foreseeable result for their patients. Dr. Frank works with dentists, helping the to successfully incorporate Revita Smile® into their own practice.
  • Dr. Frank has performed almost 1,000 Revita Smile® dental implant procedures, and he would like to help you improve the lives of YOUR patients with this life-changing restorative dentistry.
  • Partnering with an experienced surgeon like Dr. Frank doesn’t mean losing a patient – it means giving your patient the option of a life-changing dental procedure, as well as providing continued restorative dental care at your own office. In fact, Dr. Frank handles the surgical part of this cosmetic dentistry procedure and will show you how to do the rest. From creating the denture to conversion to a fixed bridge and final bridge fabrication, Dr. Frank will ensure your dental practice is ready to handle any situation.
  • Partner doctors and their staff will receive personal, on-site Revita Smile® training at no cost. This is to ensure you and your staff will be fully equipped to provide the high-quality, All-On-4® restorative dental procedure that your patients will love.
  • If you are ready to begin training with Dr. Frank so that you can offer Revita Smile® to your patients, please contact our office at 224-377-8453. You can also send us a message using our online referral form. Just fill it out, click send, and a member of our team will get back with you as soon as possible. We will be happy to work with you and your patient to achieve happier, healthier smiles.”