About Partnering With Oral Surgeon Dr. Scott Frank

Dr. Scott Frank, an experienced and skilled oral surgeon, can help you assist your patients in getting the restorative dental work they need to look and feel great. We use Revita Smile®, a revolutionary All-On-4® implant treatment concept, to help your patients achieve awesome results.

Some dentists will spend tens of thousands of dollars to learn how to complete the All -On-4® treatment concept in a very short training experience. While valid, it is not the best option for many dentists. You may be looking for something more hands-on. Something more individualized for you and your patients. We have that option here.

When you partner with us, you will walk through the entire treatment with Dr. Frank. You are an actual partner who will perform much of the treatment. Dr. Frank is there to guide you through the process and to perform the surgical aspect of Revita Smile® treatment.

The best part? You aren’t losing your patients – in fact, you are nurturing your patient-doctor relationship by getting them the help they need. Learn more about Revita Smile®, and then call us today at 224-377-8453 or send us a message using our online form to get started.