If you need dental implants, you’re probably nervous about what to expect from your procedure. In this blog, we’ll discuss the steps that entail a dental implant so you can rest assured when you arrive for your appointment. If you’re searching for a trusted place to get dental implants, look no further than RevitaSmile in Buffalo Grove, Illinois! Contact our helpful and professional staff to make your appointment today!


To make sure that your gums and bones are in good condition, the dentist will complete X-rays before starting the dental implant procedure.


Impressions are how a dentist will know how to correctly form your dental implants. Instead of having to constantly look into and measure your mouth, the dentist can measure the impressions. If you have a strong gag reflex, speak with your dentist or hygienist beforehand.

Tooth Extraction

If you need a tooth or teeth extracted before your dental implant is placed, the dentist will numb your mouth and then extract the tooth or teeth.

Placement of Implant

When the implant is ready, the dentist will numb you and then drill a hole into your jawbone. Once the implant is inserted, you’ll be free to carry on throughout your day, but you’ll probably be restricted to a soft food diet for at least a week.


It will take several weeks for your bone to fuse with your new implant. Once the implant is stable enough, the dentist will place the abutment. Don’t worry, your mouth will be anesthetized and you won’t feel a thing.


Your implant is complete and you can carry on your normal life. You’ll be able to eat and drink whatever you like and enjoy a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums.

If you’re tired of dentures and are ready to enjoy your life again, contact RevitaSmile about our dental implants. Contact us for more information and to get started today!