How does it benefit me?

As a general dentist, you may be wondering how Revita Smile® can be a benefit. Partnering with Dr. Frank to offer Revita Smile® may help your practice in a multitude of ways. By offering your patients access to advanced, high-quality dental implant services, you are helping them achieve the smile they have been dreaming of without losing them to another practice!

Get Training Without The Expense

Attending large seminar formats is often expensive and requires travel and related expenses. More importantly, the seminars rarely provide enough education and experience to successfully transfer the knowledge to your practice. We will work closely with you, one-on-one, to provide all the necessary information and experience you need to achieve success with Revita Smile® for your patients. It is almost like an apprenticeship in the Revita Smile® method, and it won’t cost you a thing!

Set Yourself Apart

By offering dental implant services and Revita Smile® to your patients, you are setting yourself apart as a restorative doctor. Many offices do not offer these services due to the extensive training required. You can offer these services successfully without going through ineffective and expensive training and set yourself apart from other local dental offices. By offering this connection, you could attract additional life-long patients. By providing advanced solutions to your patients, you are setting yourself (and your practice!) up for long-term success.

Work Alongside A Seasoned Surgeon

Rather than just referring your patients to Dr. Frank, you will be able to work alongside an experienced surgeon with significant knowledge to provide the care your patient needs. Dr. Frank has almost 30 years of experience in dental health care. He believes that prosthetic success is the ultimate goal of his surgical services. Dr. Frank worked in tandem with prosthodontic specialists for years to perfect the Revita Smile® concept. Now, he regularly trains dentists, just like yourself, on the diagnosis, treatment, and procedures to predictably and successfully change patients’ lives! Dr. Frank has performed almost 1,000Revita Smile® reconstructions and enjoys leading his colleagues to success.

Don’t Be The “Bad Guy”

We also take care of the part of the process that some doctors may consider to be uncomfortable: the money. Yes, dental implant services can be expensive. When you refer a patient to us, we take all the pressure of trying to “sell” the procedure to the patient. We present the treatment plan and costs directly to your patients. You won’t ever have to be the “bad guy.”

In fact, this setup is actually extremely efficient and profitable for you. In addition to taking the stress off of you and your staff, we make sure you receive payment, in full, on the day of the procedure! You will also be rewarded in lives changed as you see your patients adapt to their new, beautiful smiles. Partnering with Revita Smile® and Dr. Frank is truly a win-win relationship.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office at 224-377-8453 or via our online form. Access our Online Referral Form, and get started today! Let us help you help your patients get the care they need.