How It Works

Understanding the Partnership Process

You may be wondering about the complete process of partnering with Dr. Frank and his staff at North Shore Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. Let’s talk about what working with our Buffalo Grove, IL office entails, start to finish.

Step One: Partner With Us

The first step in the process is to reach out to us. Learn more about our Revita Smile® dental implant solution. If you think your patients could benefit from access to such a revolutionary, life-changing procedure, considering partnering with us. You can contact us by phone or by using our online form.

Step Two: Revita Smile® Training

Once you have decided to partner with our office, we will begin training. This training is designed to discuss the restoration requirements on your end as well as the entire placement procedure. Our team will first meet with you, the referring doctor, and then with your entire team. During the training process, you will be able to visit our practice and view a live Revita Smile® case in action. This will allow you to fully understand the procedure.

Step Three: Refer Patients

After you are familiar with the treatment process, you can then begin referring patients to our office. When you come across a patient who needs a Revita Smile® procedure, you will schedule a consultation with our office for the patient. At the procedure, Dr. Frank will examine the situation and determine the plan of action. He will then present the treatment plan to your patient, taking the pressure off of you.

Once a treatment plan is set, you will design your patient’s new smile utilizing a denture or immediate denture. This ideally designed denture will be used to create the patient’s new, beautiful smile on the day of surgery as it is converted to a fixed bridge. Dr. Frank will focus on the surgery and placing the implants and work closely with you to assure restorative success!

Step Four: Work Directly With Us

On Conversion Day (the day of the surgery), Dr. Frank will administer IV sedation and local anesthesia for your patient’s comfort. The remaining teeth will be removed and the bone reduced to provide space for the new bridge. The dental implants will be placed, and the patient will be prepared for conversion of the denture to a bridge. Our highly skilled lab technician will be onsite to ensure that a lab-quality restoration is fabricated. You will then deliver the new bridge to your patient and provide occlusal adjustment.

Almost 100 percent of the time, we are able to complete immediate implant placement and deliver a beautiful fixed bridge that day! This means that your patient does not have to wait four months for the implants to heal and can leave the office with their provisional non-removable bridge. No more dissatisfied denture patients!

You will be able to support your patient through the procedure. You are encouraged to join us in the operatory during treatment to assist in the procedure. Patients feel more comfortable knowing they are being cared for by both their restorative dentist and an experienced oral surgeon. This arrangement helps your patient get the results they desire and the care they deserve.

We will work hard to help your patient achieve the results they want. If you have any questions or concerns about our process, please contact our office at 224-377-8453. You can also send us a message using our online form. Let us help your patient get the excellent dental implant care they need.